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Jesslyn Parrish

I created Technically Different to build another space for diversity in the tech world to be displayed. Currently I’m a PhD student in Orlando, FL and I have spent the last two years learning everything possible about starting a career in the tech world and I would sum it all up here: there’s an unlimited number of ways to have a career in the tech world. (Not helpful, I know, feel free to email me if you want to talk specifics of career building.)

My academic background is in anthropology and linguistics and as a grad student I’m focusing on Digital Media, Technical Communication, and XR. When someone asks why I shifted from liberal arts to tech, the answer is simple: you don’t need to be able to hear to code. That’s right, I’m hard-of-hearing, and I was thinking long-term. In addition to this, I also balance depression in my daily life – these two factors are daily influences in how I view my work and life.

My perspective is one of an endless number of perspectives that exist throughout the tech world, and all deserve to be seen and celebrated.

Assistant Editor: Vaishnavi Yadaram

Technically different is a platform where my passion for writing, and my academic/professional backgrounds run parallel. I’m most excited to be involved with a team, a purpose where I can grow both as a communicator and learn more about where “tech trends” are headed. At Technically different, you’ll find me writing articles, hosting interviews with individuals in tech and enhancing written voices!

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